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Sep 19

Extensions V2 – communication between extensions via events

As a developer of an extension, I would like to give other developers the ability to customize the behavior of my extension in certain, predefined ways. For instance, I could give a developer the ability to bypass my extension in certain scenarios. I also could give a developer the ability to customize some profit or …

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Sep 17

Dynamics 365 apps – User Walkthrough with Modern Dev (Extensions V2)

Guided tours in Dynamics 365 extensions V2 I have been working with the modern dev environment for Dynamics 365 Business now for a while and have been trying to get walkthroughs our guided tours setup for apps. The issue with the V2 extensions is that they are not completely ready yet and therefore, it is …

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Jul 26

Dynamics 365 – Modern Development Limitations

While I am working with the modern development environment, I am going to document limitations or other issues that I am finding. There are a lot of blog posts out there discussing how to get started or is it good or bad. I am not going to go into this discussion – it is what …

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Jul 25

The type or method ‘TryFunction” cannot be used for ‘Extension’ development

I am currently working on migrating extensions from version 1.0 to 2.0 – developed in the new Visual Studio Code development environment for Dynamics 365 Business. While I might be writing a blog about the entire process at a later point, I want to focus more on those “limitations” that are currently available. One of …

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